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I first encountered Human Design in 2006, at a time when I was deeply studying Jungian psychology and contemporary philosophical movements. It was not until 2015 that I received my first Human Design a reading, a moment that would set me on a journey of self-discovery and experimentation that has led me to the world stage as a Human Design teacher and event organizer.

The High Desert Human Design Conference

Beginning in 2021, with the help of fellow organiziers Michael Stenbaek Litven and Jenny Vee, among others, we threw what has become one of the world's premier Human Design events - the High Desert Human Design Conference - a 5 day event held annually in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"We are born into a pattern. We are a structure that is pre-established."

- C. G. Jung



In 2022, I founded The Center for Human Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Work Experience

• Senior Software Developer

Bluefire Productions, 2014-2023

• Cofounder of Skilljar, 2013

• Software Development Engineer II

Amazon, 2006-2009


• Student and Teacher's Assistant at The New Centre for Research and Practice

• Student at The Global Center for Advanced Studies

• Techstars Class of 2013

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